Western Sandpipers Flock and Dance in Long Beach, WA

Shorebirds flock along the incoming tide.

It was an unusually warm day today (70 degrees F!).  And another sunny day.  Unusual for this time of year — October usually brings rain.

Shorebirds flock along the incoming tide.
Western sandpipers search for the best feeding location along the Pacific ocean shore in Long Beach, Washington State, USA
Western Sandpipers “Dance” – Flying is unison, they are beautiful!
The ocean provides plenty of food for these shorebirds.
I also saw this seagull find a small crab or some other sea creature to eat.

The waves were really something today!!  We had an offshore breeze, which was causing beautiful mist.  The waves were crashing, sounding almost thunderous, at times. The tide was coming in and stirring up the sand, making the ocean water muddy looking in some spots.

There were also Pelicans flying by!

More photos from Long Beach, WA here.

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