Twin Barns at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge



Here is the trail that leads from the parking lot and goes out to the Twin Barns.  There is a wooden boardwalk (part of the Twin Barns Loop Trail) that parallels this.  The geese here are so friendly!   I got really close to one and got a photo of its feet:

Canada Geese Feet
Canada Geese Feet

I saw a couple of Great Blue Herons.  There was a child who was so excited to tell me that there was one along the path.

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

There were also a bunch of American Coots in the waterland next to the path:

American Coots

There were lots of Tree Swallows flying around the barns.   Usually they are hard to photograph because they fly so fast, but they were landing on the barn.  I got this photo:

Tree Swallows


Aren’t they beautiful?  I love their violet and green colors.  I wonder if they are going to make nests on the barn.  I will be going back to see!



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