Spring Happenings in Backyard Birding

It’s been Spring for over 3 weeks now.  The birds are singing.  The Maple trees are getting their leaves and the tulips are blooming.  Yes, already.  Spring comes early to Western Washington State (Tacoma area).    In fact, some Rhododendrans are already blossoming!  The temperatures have been swinging from sub-40 nights to 60+ days.

Red Breasted Nuthatch

We’ve had lots of Red-Breasted Nuthatches today!  They enjoy suet and seeds.  They are small, quick, & swift birds with short tails and a strong sold eye stripe.


Stellar Jay


It’s peanut time at least twice a day!  These Stellar Jays are so smart and with repeated daily feedings, they have become quite friendly too.  We throw whole shelled peanuts on to the patio for them.  Sometimes they try to get our attention by walking on our shed roof, which we can see from the living room window.




We have these beautiful house finches at our feeders every day!  They are polite visitors as they never throw bird seed (I’m looking at you, Pine Siskin).


American Goldfinch


We had our first sighting of an American Goldfinch this season.  Last year, they stayed through the end of Autumn.  This isn’t the best photo ever, but it’s my record of having seen him!


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