Pine Siskin at my Window Bird Feeder

Pine Siskin at my Window Bird Feeder
Pine Siskin Enjoying Sunflower Seeds

This is the first year I’ve had Pine Siskins visit my feeders.  Here is a picture of one at my  Window Cafe Bird Feeder.  It is the best $20 I’ve spent on entertainment ever!   I get to see birds upclose every day!  I usually leave the blinds down, but open at the right angle so that I can see the birds.  I think the blinds help the birds not get scared so easily.  This photo was taken from the inside, looking through the blinds and out my window.

By the way, Pine Siskins are supposed to prefer smaller seeds or hulled seeds, but all I feed them are Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, and they keep coming back!  I used to provide a mix of seeds, but the red-winged blackbirds would throw the seeds out… Only providing one type of seed has kept the throwing down to a minimal, and so many birds enjoy sunflower seeds!  The birds that can’t break them open seem to follow the other birds around and pick at the pieces that are left behind.

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