Early Spring at Point Defiance Park

Yellow Crocuses

I walked around Point Defiance Park this past Sunday, during President’s Day weekend.   It was a breezy and sunny cool day. The crocuses were already blooming, as well as a couple of daffodils.  I was on a birding mission.. I am now recording my bird sightings and publishing on the eBird.org website.   I did find a lot of birds and even got some good photography in.  This picture was a big surprise when I got home and looked at it on my computer:

Red-shafted Northern Flickers

These Northern Flickers were flying from tree to tree together, checking out sap holes and picking on the bark for bugs.  Most of the pictures I’ve taken of these beautiful birds are of them on the suet feeder, so it’s nice to get them in a natural setting.  And my timing was sure lucky on this one!

American Wigeon

There were a flock of about 180 American Wigeon in the “duck pond” and on the nearby lawn.  The maps indicate that they winter in the Puget sound region.  I saw them last time I went to the park (last month, in January) and there were just as many.  They like to eat in the sun and the high contrast sunlight/shadow made them hard to photograph last time… Plus they fly away if you get close.  But this time the less timid pair, pictured above, crossed my path.

Common Goldeneye

I walked down the hill to Commencement Bay and found this pair of Common Goldeneye riding the rough waves during high tide… I had to get my bird book out to identify them.  I haven’t done much birding around water (yet), so I’m not that familiar with ducks.