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A Typical Morning

Stellar Jay Diving for Peanuts While Crows Watch

Stellar Jay dives for peanuts.  The crows know that he is faster so they just watch to see where he hides them.  Two species of very clever birds.

I talk to our Stellar Jays every morning.  They look at me.  Sometimes they talk too, but sometimes they are totally silent.

When our Stellar Jay is really excited, he flies back and forth between our shed roof and house roof.  He is so sure he’s going to get peanuts.

They like the whole in-shell unsalted peanuts.  I’ve done a lot of comparison shopping and by far the best deal is Costco.  Just over $5 for five pounds.  That’s almost a dollar a pound.  Peanuts on Amazon are usually double or triple that cost.

When I bought 2 bags recently, the Costco doorman said “Feeding our furry friends?”  Apparently I am not the only one that’s found that their peanuts for humans are cheaper than the peanuts for pets that you can buy elsewhere.

Orange-crowned Warbler at the Suet Feeder

Orange-Crowned Warbler Eating Suet

Orange-Crowned Warbler Eating Suet

Orange-crowned Warblers are a hard bird to identify because most of the time you can’t even see their orange crown.   They usually look all gray to olive green colored.  They have virtually no markings… Just a black stripe through the eye and a small white area above, but even this is not always very well defined. They have a thin bill and are about the size of a chickadee (or a little shorter).

So if you have a small gray or green mystery bird visiting your suet feeders, you may consider that he’s an Orange-crowned Warbler.   They are also more common in the west than the east, so if you live in Washington State like me, you might be more likely to see them.  The ones I’ve seen are always solitary.  And hungry for suet!

Orange-Crowned Warbler Photo Back Side

Orange-Crowned Warbler Photo Back Side


Narrows Bridge, Madrona Tree, and Kayakers

I love taking photos of Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington.  Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday: