Point & Shoot Cameras with a Viewfinder

When I shop for a new digital camera, one feature I look for is a viewfinder because it’s difficult to see an LCD screen in bright sunlight. There are also other reasons that a viewfinder is a plus too – for example, you don’t need to put on your reading glasses! And if you’re used to using film cameras, then having a viewfinder makes the transition to digital way easier! It’s just more natural to look through the camera and frame your shot than trying to do so on a screen.

Unfortunately, many point and shoot cameras don’t have a viewfinder. And this is even more true if you’re on a budget and looking for a relatively cheap digital camera.

Here are the bestselling cameras that have viewfinders. They range in price from under $100 to about $500. I’ve picked them based on popularity, ratings, and the most important feature: a viewfinder!

Reasons I like a Viewfinder

  • Easier to see in bright sunlight. The LCD screen can be impossible to see in bright daylight.
  • Increases battery life. The screen can usually be turned off and the battery is not used up on powering the screen.
  • Holding the camera at eye level makes it easier to stabalize the camera.
  • Great for moving action shots.
  • No need to put on reading glasses to see the screen! Use it like a traditional film camera.

List of Point and Shoot Cameras with Viewfinders

I’ve owned 3 Canon digital cameras. They have all been easy to use and the picture quality has always been pleasing. Many Canon cameras use similar buttons and menu systems, so if you become familiar with one of them and then decide to upgrade, you don’t have to start learning everything all over again.

I recently bought this camera. I chose it because of its impressive zoom lens, the electronic viewfinder, the vari-angle fold-out screen, the image stabilization, and because of all of the positive reviews… It takes amazing pictures. The zoom is so much fun. And, even more surprisingly, it does a very good job taking low light photos without flash!

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  1. Hello! Thanks for this page i had a hard time finding compact models with an optical viewfinder. Would you recommend any of the cameras with optical VF as the best one in hinsight of picture quality?

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