A Good Day for Blue Herons at Nisqually

Blue Herons at Nisqually NWR Estuary
Blue Herons at Nisqually NWR Estuary, May 26, 2015

Before going to Nisqually National Wildlife Reserve for the first time, I did some research online and read lots of reviews. The reserve has great reviews by people who love to birdwatch and take nature photography. It’s just a very diverse area that has all kinds of wildlife. The trails are relatively flat so it’s also pretty easy walking for everyone.

There were a couple of specific birds mentioned in the reviews, and one species named was the magestic Blue Heron. Well, either majestic or dinosaur like, your pick. I’ve been to Nisqually about 6 times now, and during about half of those visits, I did see at least one Blue Heron. The very first visit, there was a blue heron right at the beginning of the trail (very close to the parking lot!). ¬†Kids were really excited about it.

During one other visit I saw a Blue Heron along the Nisqually Estuary Boardwalk trail. However, my most recent visit was the most spectacular for blue herons… There were at least a dozen! It was high tide and around 1pm. They were fishing! ¬†(High tide is supposed to be the best time for birdwatching.)

So, you never know what you might see. It’s different every day. Here are a few of my ‘captures.’

Blue Heron Almost Caught Something
Blue Heron Almost Caught Something
Blue Heron Fishing Success
Blue Heron Fishing Success!

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