A Gaggle of Geese at Chambers Bay Golf Course

As people rush to get the Chambers Bay Golf Course ready for the U.S. Open this June, the Canada Geese have been enjoying it.  I counted a flock of about 240 geese today.  I think they were a mix of Canada and Cackling Geese.  The two species used to be one, but now the small ones are classified as the “Cackling” species.


When the geese land, a flock turns into a gaggle!  These geese did circle the grounds in a circular pattern and then they all landed together!


It appears that the construction of the Chambers Bay Golf course and surrounding structures is not yet complete.  There was a crane there today.  Here is today’s work in progress:

chambers bay construction


No worries though, there are still 107 days before the opening day!

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