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Caspian Terns in Long Beach WA

Caspian Terns are striking birds that dive for fish. They can often be seen fishing along the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State, USA. They have bright orange colored beaks and black heads. I caught these birds on camera with their fish. The sun was bright and I was facing into it, so that’s why… Continue Reading

Mourning Doves

I hear these Mourning Doves make their mourning calls. When I was a child, they visited my bird feeder in the morning, so I thought they were named for that time of day. No, they are named for the mournful sound of their calls, which sound sort of like an owl hooting.

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Black-Capped Chickadee with Caterpillar

What do Chickadees feed their young?

  Both Chickadee parents feed their young.  They take turns feeding and guarding the nest. Above is a photo of one of the chickadees bringing a green caterpillar to the nest. Somewhere there must be a lot of these caterpillars, as hour after hour, these cute little birds find them.  It’s hard to believe, but… Continue Reading

Mallard Duck (Male)

The Day the Mallard Ducks Came to Our Birdfeeder….

I went outside to birdwatch and take photographs with my new lens.  (These Duck photos were taken with the Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 AF APO DG OS HSM Telephoto Zoom Lens.) I expected to see House Finches or American Goldfinches at our feeder, but not Mallard Ducks!   To my amazement, these ducks flew into our… Continue Reading

Enjoying Long Beach, WA – Photos

“We’re back to beach weather,” he said. It was May, 2018, my first month in Long Beach, WA, USA. After a few sunny days, clouds and rain had returned. I wish “Long Beach, WA” had a more unique name, as this small beach town in Washington State is nothing like the other Long Beaches of… Continue Reading


Ink Cap Muhroom Needlepoint Art

My Grandma’s Mushrooms: Needlepoints and Paintings

My Grandma was an amateur Mycologist (mushroom scientist).  I’m not sure when she first got into studying them, but she was in her 70s when she was teaching me about them.  When I was a kid, we would go foraging for mushrooms in our backyard woods.  We lived in the mixed deciduous and coniferous forests… Continue Reading

1970 New York Winter in the Woods

Here are a set of old black & white photographs taken of my childhood house located in the Hudson Valley, New York.  Actually, the house was only partially completed when these photos were taken.  It looks like it was a cold winter, with a frozen pond and snow.  I love the stark look and someone… Continue Reading

One Snowfall Only

Photography is really about seizing the opportunity!   It snowed only once this past winter.  What an exciting day that was!  Squirrels dug through the snow to find seeds under our bird feeder and Oregon Dark-Eyed Juncos hopped on top of the snow.